Archachatina marginata
ovum albino shell F1
(ovum albina) 

Generation F1 (first generation that hatched in captivity), parents imported from Nigeria, current size about 9.5cm

Archachatina ventricosa cream body F3

First time offered, new in the collection, only three of this size available at the moment

Archachatina marginata ovum XXL F1

Offspring of my celebrity snails (on the photo, imported from Nigeria).

Archachatina ventricosa albino body F3

First time offered, new in collection, on the photograph is one of the parents, current size c. 5cm.

Archachatina purpurea Guinea albino body F3 line (parents 11cm), last 5 snails available, last time offered (breeding discontinued), current size c. 7.5cm

Pleurodonte excellens

Parents from two different unrelated sources, only together as a group of three snails.

Acavus haemastoma haemastoma Sri Lanka
dark color

Rare species but easy to keep, parents 4.5cm from two different unrelated sources, photos of currently available snails upon request.

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