Archachatina purpurea Guinea (?)* albino body

June 30, 2020

Parents: 11cm, from

On the photo there are snails from one of the previous clutches.

More photo of the species:

PRICE: 380 Kč/ks | 14.50 euro/pc


Archachatina marginata ovum "XXL" F1

June 30, 2020

Babies of my "celebrity snails" - on the photograph

Parents imported from Nigeria in June 2016, real giants - the largest is 17cm  & 647g

PRICE: 500 Kč/ks | 25 euro/pc

Availability upon request

Archachatina marginata ovum F1 albino shell (albina)

June 30, 2020

On the photograph is one of the parents.

Parents imported from Nigeria in April 2019. I am currently selling two snails from their first clutch (c. 10cm) and the second clutch (c. 4cm)

PRICE: 300 Kč/ks | 11 euro/pc


Acavus haemastoma haemastoma F2

June 30, 2020

Rare species but easy to keep (originally from Sri Lanka)

Parents 4.5cm, from and another source (doesn't have a website)

More photo of the species:


PRICE: 1500 Kč/ks | 60 euro/pc


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