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Archachatina purpurea Guinea (?)* albino body

May 22, 2019

Parents: 11cm, from Landsnails.org

On the photo there are snails from one of the previous clutches.

More photo of the species: https://www.exoticsnails.eu/arch-purpurea-albino-gallery

PRICE: 380 Kč/ks | 14.50 euro/pc


Archachatina marginata egregia F2 "two tone" ("the true egregia")

May 22, 2019

Parents come from two sources: Snailcorner's F1 (Netherlands) and in-house bred F1 (parents imported by Polyped).

VERY HARD TO KEEP! (NOT the same as egregia that Landsnails sell)

They shouldn't be kept on lignocel (cocopeat, coir), need high humidity but not mud and lower temperature. I am still struggling with getting the conditions right. 

PRICE: 800 Kč/ks | 30 euro/pc

AVAILABILITY upon request

Archachatina marginata ovum "XXL" F1

May 22, 2019

Babies of my "celebrity snails" - on the photograph

Parents imported from Nigeria in June 2016, real giants - the largest is 17cm  & 647g

PRICE: 500 Kč/ks | 25 euro/pc

Availability upon request

Acavus haemastoma haemastoma F2

May 22, 2019

Rare species but easy to keep (originally from Sri Lanka)

Parents 4.5cm, from Landsnails.org and another source (doesn't have a website)

More photo of the species: https://www.exoticsnails.eu/acavus-haemastoma-dark-galerie

and https://www.exoticsnails.eu/acavus-haemastoma-light-galerie

PRICE: 1500 Kč/ks | 60 euro/pc


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