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My Collection

Here you can see the species I currently have in my collection. Not all of them are however active in breeding (or at least not on regular basis) so for available offspring, please see what's available in the section FOR SALE.

Lissachatina reticulata albino body

Lissachatina reticulata

Albino body, 17-18cm

Arch. marginata EGREGIA two tone

The "true egregia"

Archachatina marginata grevillei standard with striped apex.

Arch. marg. GREVILLEI STD stripe apex

Standard size, striped apex

Archachatina marginata grevillei XL marble

Arch. marginata GREVILLEI XL marble

XL size, gentle marble pattern

Archachatina knorri

Archachatina KNORRI

With/without red apex

Lissachatina IREDALEI

Various shell patterns

Acavus haemastoma fastuosa

Acavus haemastoma fastuosa

"the light type"

Achatina achatina GHANA

Albino body, wild-caught

Achatina achatina TOGO

Wild colored, wild-caught

Lissachatina fulica albino shell and body

Lissachatina fulica FULL ALBINO

Both albino shell and body

Archachatina marginata icterica

Archachatina marginata ICTERICA

The "true" icterica


Dark body, F1 generation


Albino body, wild-caught

Archachatina marginata suturalis red

Arch. marginata SUTURALIS red

Reddish shell, not just apex

Pleurodonte isabella blue

Pleurodonte ISABELLA

Blueish shell color

Megalobulimus oblongus

South America

Archachatina marginata ovum silver body

Archachatina marginata OVUM

Silver body

Archachatina camerunensis

Archachatina camerunensis

F1 and F2 generation

Archachatina marginata grevillei XL gold

Arch. marginata GREVILLEI XL gold

XL size, pure yellow

Archachatina marginata grevillei standard gold

Arch. marginata GREVILLEI STD gold

Standard size, pure yellow


Wild-caught snails

Lissachatina fulica wild color

Lissachatina fulica WILD

Wild-caught snails

archachatina marginata ovum XXL

Archachatina marginata OVUM XXL

Wild-caught snails

Acavus haemastoma haemastoma

Acavus haemastoma haemastoma

"the dark type"

Acavus haemastoma melanotragus

Acavus haemastoma melanotragus

"the new type"

Archachatina marginata ovum albino shell

Archachatina sp. CALABAR

Two types, F1&F2 generation

Limicolaria flammea orange

Limicolaria flammea

Orange shell

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