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GREETINGS, snail friends :)

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A few words about me

Yes, that photo in the green t-shirt with the giant snail on my hand, that's really me. And if you look in the Blog section, you'll find evidence - more or less unsuccessful photos from the same shoot.


But now to the more important thing - my snails :) My "collection" is not the largest in the world, nor is it the largest in the Czech Republic. However, I try to provide maximum care and attention to every slime creature living with me. Most of my breeding groups consist of snails originating from the wild (referred to as WC, meaning wild-caught) or F1 generation (the first generation bred in captivity).


I sell offspring, and personal pick-up is possible all year round. Snails can also be sent relatively safely (within the EU), but they must be properly and carefully packaged, and above all, the WEATHER must be suitable, not too hot or too cold (more on this topic also in the Blog section).


Last but not least! (here I allow myself to use an exclamation mark). The well-being and health of my family, close friends, my lizards, my turtles, and of course my slimy guys and their offspring are my top priority. Strangers come second, so I respond to inquiries and demands only when everything mentioned in the previous sentence is taken care of. Whoever insists on a response within 1 hour unconditionally should better move on to another website right away. I'm not (and never will be) an e-shop, and I do not sell snails for living. I'm interested in quality. Breeding is my passion, and I'm happy when my offspring end up in the right hands; the greatest honor is when the recipient opens the package and immediately sends a message like: "They're just amazing, even more beautiful than in the photos you sent," and when they come straight to me for another snail.


Some customers have become lifelong friends, and that's probably the best thing of all :) 

My breeding projects

My Breeding Projects

Lissachatina reticulata albino body

Lissachatina reticulata

Albino body, 17-18cm

Arch. marginata EGREGIA two tone

The "true egregia"

Lissachatina fulica albino shell and body

Lissachatina fulica FULL ALBINO

Both albino shell and body

Archachatina marginata icterica

Archachatina marginata ICTERICA

The "true" icterica

Archachatina marginata grevillei XL gold

Arch. marginata GREVILLEI XL gold

XL size, pure yellow

Archachatina marginata grevillei standard gold

Arch. marginata GREVILLEI STD gold

Standard size, pure yellow


Let's have a chat

I like my contact forms but if you would like your answer faster, please FB Messenger or Whatsapp (see below). 

Thanks for submitting!

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