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acavus haemastoma haemastoma dark
achatina tincta green
arch. marginata suturalis silver


Our collection is not the biggest in the worlds, not even in the Czech Rep., but I give loving care and undivided attention to each one of the slimy guys that live with us. Most of my breeding groups are WC (wild caught) or F1 (the first generation bred in captivity).


I offer offspring for sale and ship them around the EU when weather allows. The well being of the snails is always the top priority, customers come second (sorry :). Saying that, customer satisfaction does matter though and I always try to choose the right snails for you (send current photos for approval) and the right shipping option. That is the reason why I have no e-shop - I want to talk to you, I want to know what you are looking for, I want to give you the best of what we currently have and sometimes even talk you out of the deal. So send me a message, I might have something just for you! 


The minimum order for intl customers is 30 euro (shipping excluded).



If you are interested in buying any of the snails that are listed in the FOR SALE section or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help if I know how. Likely I won't reply the same day because I want to give your message the time and attention it deserves - snails are passion I want to share, not a product I simply need to sell fast. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Please NOTE (abbreviations):

CB = captive-bred (bred in captivity)

WC = wild-caught (collected in nature, most often in Africa)

F1 = first generation bred in captivity (parents were imported to Europe), this generation is often considered to be the most valuable because these snails maintain qualities of the wild caught animals (size, colour, texture, ...) but they are able to thrive in our environment since they hatched in it.

F2 = second generation bred in captivity (parents are F1 generation)

F? = unknown generation



I am sorry but I DO NOT SHIP TO THE US. Shipping live snails there is A) illegal, unless you, the buyer, have a special permission and B) too dangerous for the animals since the trip is very long (snails are sensitive to extreme temperatures, especially to heat). I do ship to any country of the EU as long as the weather allows.



I live in Prague, the Czech Rep. A pick-up can be arranged in Liben (Prague 8) or at ZIVA EXOTIKA fair that is held every months (except July and August) and I usually have a table there. My Snail room now turned into a Reptile room so visits are no longer possible - lizards are more prone to infections than snails.

I often come to HOUTEN (Holland) and HAMM (Germany) so a pick-up at those expos/fairs is also possible. In October I even plan to come to Italy to visit Verona Reptiles fair. 


Lately I'm having a really hard time to keep up with all the emails I receive. Therefore if you want me to reply quickly, please use Facebook messenger - my personal profile. Usually I am available there every day. 

Snímek obrazovky 2023-07-18 v 18.20.50.png

Another option is Whatsapp

Snímek obrazovky 2023-07-17 v 21.05.33.png
Snímek obrazovky 2023-07-18 v 18.23.05.png

If you insist on email or a good old contact form, of course those work too but my response time is much longer. 


Your message was sent.

Thank you.

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