New species available soon

January 01, 2017

Recently I have adopted two achatina achatina Nigeria albino body F2 - it has been a week since they surprised me with their first clutch. I hope there will be some babies soon ;) 

New "catches" from Hamm II.

June 03, 2016

Today I added two more megalobulimus oblongus F0/wc to the group. My list of species also extended: arch. marginata egregia "two tone" F0/wc and super gigantic ovum F0/wc (16cm and 640g !!!). I had no intention to purchase any ovums but these are trully magnificent.

First adelinae F1

May 22, 2016

Finally my first clutch from archachatina (papyracea) adelinae started to hatch :) F1 babies will be available in about 2 months (or for a pick up in Hamm).

See you in Hamm II :) 15% OFF!

April 28, 2016

I am coming to Hamm again. Next week I will update my "offer sheet" - pics, sizes, etc. If anything interests you, let me know via the Contact form here, email or facebook (exoticsnails.eu or my personal profile under Romana Yates). Also, if you place any order of 20+ euro, I will be happy to bring you snails from other Prague-based breeders. Look forward to see you again/meet you :)

Arch. papyracea adelinae F0: First clutch

April 10, 2016

Every time I leave home for at least 3 days, something great happens - first clutch from my imported adelinae :)

Oligospira waltoni: Secret baby

March 19, 2016

Today I was just sitting in the living room, watching TV. All of a sudden I noticed something tiny crawling in the terrarium - my first oligospira baby (I didn't even know there was an egg! :D)

New "catches" from Hamm

March 12, 2016

Shipment from Congo hasn't arrived yet so I made myself happy with a few snails from Cameroon :) More in section Import - F0.

See you in Hamm :)

March 08, 2016

Well, just got the confirmation I was waiting for - I am coming to Hamm this weekend to bring some of you your snails in person :) So if you kept thinking that having your snails shipped by an unknown person from a foreign country might not be such a good idea, here is your chance... send a message if anything "in stock" interests you.

Helicophanta ibaraoensis: New addition to my collection

March 02, 2016

More F0 guys from the Acavidae family (Madagascar): 2x helicophanta magnifica and 3x helicophanta ibraoensis (photo). There will be more photos soon in the My snails section.

Archachatina purpurea: New clutch

February 27, 2016

Yesterday I found another clutch of super giant eggs, the third one in a row. I hope that this time there will be more than just two hatchlings :)

Helicophanta magnifica: apology

February 25, 2016

I am sorry for the confusion - the text next to the helicophanta pic belonged elsewhere. So far I was not successful in breeding these snails and there were never any babies for sale.

Acavus haemastoma: First baby hatched

February 19, 2016

Huge surprise today - after three months of waiting, the first little acavus F2 hatched.

Achatina tincta: new season

February 16, 2016

It seems that the black stripe tinctas just started their new season. This morning I found two test eggs. Well, we will see :)

Archachatina purpurea: first hatchlings

February 15, 2016

Today I found 2 babies from the second clutch. It seems like the first one didn't survive the cold at my mom's house in highlands. Sad :( If the little ones grow well, I will offer them for sale in about 2 months.

Arch. marginata marginata F0: hatching and the second clutch

February 08, 2016

Today, there were two surprises from my three imported arch. marginata marginata: 1) I found 3 hatchlings from the first clutch (if everything goes well, they will be added to the section For sale in about 2 months; and 2) this morning I found the second clutch. I am really happy because when I was buying them, the importer informed me, that they had just laid eggs (Sometimes it happens that snails lay eggs during the transport or shortly after arrival and never again after that.).

Po dvou letech konečně WEB

February 03, 2016

Finally I found enough time and submerged myself into Wix website templates. The main purpose of this website is of course to brag about my snail "collection" that I am very proud of - just like every other breeder out there :) And it really doesn't bother me that most of my friends don't get it :) 

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